Baby Parrotlets


 Queens, New york

I have been breeding and raising babies Parrotlets for more than 4 years as my hobby. I enjoy giving a proper care to these small babies and taking pictures during the year. My job as a breeder is to prepare these babies Parrotlets for their new life with their prospective family.

After pulled out the babies of the nest-boxes a new life begin around the human caregivers.


Each bird is hand-fed, the bird’s overall health is excellent (feathers, body & weight) besides of been properly cared with love. While the babies are getting prepare, they begin to socialize, show affection and relax with the surroundings (adult & kids).


Once they are fully feathers they are remove from the brooder and place in a small cage with toys where they will learn to perch, eat by themselves, play with others birds and socialize when out of the cage with myself.


Each baby develop his/her own personality but at the same time, I will continue training them and keeping very tame so they can be around kids, adults and with the rest of your family.


With the purchase of any baby you will have a Free Hatch Certificate, two days health guarantee and leg band number for your baby bird. In addition you will get unlimited on-line (face book) or text messaging support. I provide clipped wing service whether you wish to receive it. I provide you with information such as handling and nutrition of the bird, so you be able to properly care for it. 




          Please keep in mind few things before buying one of my babies Parrotlets:


  Owning a bird means a commitment of many years; therefore, consider the following : 

     * Do we really have time and money  for the bird ?

     * Do we have adequate room  for the bird ?

     * What about its adaptability to the family?

     * Do we recognize the positive and negative characteristics of the bird ?

     * Is the bird ideal pet for our children?

     * Do we take a lot of vacations and days off ? 


Here are my babies.........ready for a new home & new life.....

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